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Where are the best places for linear LED in commercial offices?

Linear LEDs have come a long way over the last couple of years. Between questions on plug-and-play versus bypass ballast to figuring out when it’s the right time to retrofit, it’s clear that linear LEDs are here to stay. Now, what part of a commercial office should be the first to undergo an LED retrofit? That […]

Try these 3 tips to create big savings from an LED retrofit project if you have limited capital.

What products should you retrofit to LED first? We are asked that questions frequently and the answer is pretty simple. If you have any lights or fixtures in your building that still have incandescent or halogen lighting, start there first. Retrofitting from incandescent or halogen to LED gives you the biggest energy savings and almost always […]

The secret to saving on lighting costs: Retrofit these 8 places in your building for FAST – Return on Investment

LED is an exciting technology, but completely changing the lighting in your building over to LED may not always be practical nor the best choice today. We still get a lot of questions from customers asking where in their buildings the best places to convert to LED are. Oftentimes, the switch to energy efficient lighting takes place over […]

9 tips for retrofitting your parking lot lighting to LED

Parking areas are one place where quick payback on an LED retrofit is almost guaranteed. The applications tend to be difficult to access, typically requiring special equipment like a lift or even closure, making coordination a total headache. And the cost of keeping a parking area lit all night with the correct amount of light is […]