GEP Energy Solutions is a veteran-owned company that focuses on retro-fitting outdated metal halides with upgraded, state-of-the art LED tennis court lights. We have partnered with TechLight, a manufacturer of a wide assortment of luminaires headquartered in Dallas, TX, to offer the Scimitar LED light fixture with sole-sourced CREE optics. Together we have helped tennis facilities increase their playing day, accommodate more athletes and matches, decrease energy consumption by over 52% daily, and decrease their carbon footprint. GEP Energy Solutions delivers turn-key solutions with the highest quality products and services that the tennis lighting industry has to offer. Our products are made in the USA and equipped with a ten-year warranty. We manage the entire project cycle from pre-proposal to post-install and beyond. By providing a suite of services incorporating advanced technologies, we set our clients up to achieve maximum operational savings as well as enjoy the best tennis playing experience they can imagine.