Our high lumen output luminaire is designed to be a replacement for HID fixtures up to 1000W. It is optimal for lighting applications where long life, low maintenance, and consistent color rendering is required. The high wattage/lumen output allows the fixture to be used for many applications, including sports lighting (tennis and pickleball), parking, and swimming pools. GEP specializes in taking our clients tennis courts, pickleball courts, and other lighting needs to the next level.

Our LED lighting fixtures have two-, four-, and six-brick options and come with a 10-year warranty.

GEP also offers poles and arms with a galvanized option (with a 10-year warranty) or a carbon rolled steel option (with a 5-year warranty).

You will not be disappointed

“GEP Energy Solutions won my project after 5 years of research into upgrading our old lights here at North Hills Club. I vetted all the other vendors out there, and I knew GEP had a superior product and a superior team from sales to install. GEP understood the quality that I demanded and that of my members, and they absolutely delivered.

My members enjoy playing at night so much more now and I get asked all the time where we got our lights from by guests of other clubs. They instantly notice the difference and ease of picking up the ball, whether it is a high overhead or a driven ball from one of my high-performance players, you can pick up the ball so well.

The last and arguably most important aspect of GEP’s suite of service was their install. Our install was planned for mid-April in the full swing of spring play and I knew I could not have courts down to put lights up. We had 176 lights to install and I was worried it would take 3 weeks and a lot of lost revenue due to courts being down. They got the job done in 5 days and we were able to work around each other like business as usual! I could not believe it.

If you are in the market for LEDs at your club and you want the best the tennis lighting industry has to offer from sales to install, you need to go with GEP Energy Solutions. You will not be disappointed.”

Shane Wells / Director of Tennis-North Hills Club